• Somaraj - Web Designer, Bangalore
    have been assisting companies and persons to reach their business goals through unique web design works, brand identity, concept development, css web design, logo design, flash animations, CD Presentations and Wordpress customization.
    Since 2002, I have worked for more than 400 clients in India and abroad by delivering creative web design works and innovative ideas. I like this profession and want to learn new technologies and apply it on design and development works.
  • Name - Somaraj
    Location - Cochin, India
    Skillls - Template design, web design, concept development, web development, html page conversion, xhtml conversion, psd to xhtml converion, table less webpage creation, logo design, brand identity, flash animation, CD presentation
    experience - 8 years
    Success Story : 350+ websites, 50 logos, 22 CD presentations, 1000+ flash animations, 20 tableless websites with web2 standards
    Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and CSS
  • The creativity is in boom by the popularity of web media. The powerful flash action script and video streaming made the web media more attractive.
    To show more variety works, each web artist and web developers are working hard. I am also in the same stream to produce creative works in a professional way. The vision is to build 100% satisfaction of the clients by helping them to attain the business goals. It is my passion to learn new things, as belongs to changing web media. Also The Great GOD helping me to solve the issues and bring the quality and standards in the works I engage.
  • Please feel free to write to me.
    You can write your queries and comments to me.

    Somaraj - Bangalore

    email : somarajvb@gmail.com

    Current Location - Cochin
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